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Locksmith-header-1038x250James J. Hostetler has established a great new site about locksmiths and a forum for locksmiths to talk and laos to provide some of their best tips and secrets. Informatique35 is a bizarrely-named site for talking about locksmiths, but provides a great forum for all locksmiths to promote their businesses to a wider audience.

He is providing a platform for locksmiths to provide great information in return for the opportunity to promote your business on his site. His site doesn’t just attract locksmiths, but people looking for security advice. As James says “But hang on, “I’m not a locksmith!”, I hear you say. Well that’s OK. Everybody is welcome!! If you have an interest in locks, locksmiths and security you are encouraged to join in the debate, or just read what others have to say!”

So if you have a locksmith business, I recommend that you post to this site. You will get a backlink to your own website, which will help your rankings, and an opportunity to interact with a much wider audience of people looking for security solutions.

You can contact James on 734-848-3612, at admin@informatique35.com or by mail to 386 Eagle Drive, Erie, MI 48133.

Locksmith Secrets – Tips And Tricks Of The Locksmith Trade

I recently came across a great website www.iyvplus10.org the other day. It is really a blog all about locksmithing! The owner and main writer, Mark Mitchell, is a locksmith who lives in the small town of Webber, Kansas. He is married with 2 children and has worked as a locksmith in Jewell County, Kansas for over 10 years.

As Mark says, ” I love everything about being a locksmith and the locksmith trade – from its history to the latest technological updates and new products.”

He set up the website to share his passion about locksmithing and to give the opportunity for other locksmiths to share their best tips and advice on locksmiths and home security.

I highly recommend you check it out. If you would like to contribute to the blog, give Mark a call on 785-753-8753, email him at admin@iyvplus10.org, or write to him at 3085 Dog Hill Lane, Webber, KS 66970.

If you enjoy locksmithing, or would like some great advice on such subjects as how to find the best locksmiths and avoid fake ones, why it is important you get the right car locksmith and when and why you should change your home locks, you will find this blog a great read!

Locksmith Sites

Here are some locksmith sites you may want to check out:


These are some of our favorite locksmith sites, containing useful information such as how to find great locksmiths in your local area, how to avoid locksmith scams and what to look for in a good locksmith.

Checking out these sites can really help you out if you are looking for a locksmith now or sometime in the future.